Together for Biodiversity

Landscape Planning, Design and Management - LPDM



Group Description

The group is organized in thematic lines covering all fields of Landscape Architecture, from the most seminal ones, like the study of historic parks and gardens, to the most innovative and emergent, like Nature Based Solutions for resilient cities.


Thus, the main research topics addressed between 2013-2017, and which the group intend to continue pursuing, are as follows:

  1. urban and metropolitan green structure assessment and planning;
  2. planning, design and management of cultural landscapes;
  3. coastal landscapes dynamics and evolution;
  4. landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and mitigation;
  5. survey and assessment of spontaneous and cultural biodiversity in urban green spaces (UGS);
  6. urban planning for improving health and wellbeing in cities;
  7. assessment of contemporary parks and ecological public parks design;
  8. integration of urban ecosystem services (UES) delivery in urban planning and management;
  9. planting design and management of UGS and Novel Urban ecosystems in climate change scenarios;
  10. perception and attitudes towards nature in cities namely alien invasive species, urban forest and urban agriculture.



A significant effort has been done to promote interdisciplinary research practices, particularly with:


  1. biology e Ecology regarding biodiversity studies (both flora and fauna), vegetation science and planting design;
  2. agriculture and Forest Engineering in what concerns urban forest and public urban green spaces design and management;
  3. civil Engineering e Architecture, especially in the topics relatedwith Nature Based Solution (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems - SUDS), rain gardens, green roofs, green walls, etc.;
  4. neurosciences and Social sciences in the studies of perception and human behavior and attitudes towards nature and;
  5. history and Archaeology, when the research is relatedwith thehistory of landscape architecture, cultural landscape, landscape heritage and park and garden conservation.







Student Supervisions