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Landscape Planning, Design and Management - LPDM



Group Description

The focus of the Landscape Planning, Design and Management Group is to analyse and evaluate the landscape dynamics of the metropolitan regions, in order to find out feasible and sustainable guidelines for their planning and management.


Consistently with the several landscape architecture subjects, mainly in the fields of landscape planning, landscape management and urban biodiversity studies, according to which the LPDM Group is organized, the main topics addressed are as follows:

regional and metropolitan land use and planning;

  1. urban and metropolitan green structure assessment and planning;
  2. planning, design and management of cultural landscapes - such as historic parks and gardens and heritage landscapes;
  3. survey and assessment of spontaneous and cultural biodiversity in urban green spaces;
  4. power infrastructure integration in urban and rural landscapes – power line corridors;
  5. the study of historic parks, gardens, landscape designers and their mentors;
  6. digital terrain modelling and grading.


More recently, increasing dedication has been developed in history of landscape architecture, public park design, park and garden conservation, landscape integration and mobility.




Student Supervisions