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Predictive Ecology - PRECOL



Group Description
  The research activities in the PRECOL group are organized around two research lines:


  1. Diversity and Predictive Ecology of Species and Communities (BIO-HERITAGE); and
  2. Predictive Ecology of Ecosystems and Landscapes (LAND-CHANGE).


Together, these two research lines contribute to a better understanding of the relations between biodiversity and its many social-ecological contexts, from natural and rural landscapes to more urban settings. Ecological research becomes particularly useful to conservation planning and natural resource management when it includes a predictive dimension, rather than focusing entirely on explanatory approaches. PRECOL thus aims to predict the interactions between biodiversity and its several environmental and social-ecological contexts. An integrative and interdisciplinary approach is followed, focused on nature conservation, rural development and natural resource management, under a landscape ecology theoretical framework and with a focus on essential ecological indicators.


The group develops basic and applied research based on niche modelling, remote sensing of ecosystem function, landscape change and social-ecological system analysis, addressing biodiversity from the species to the ecosystem and landscape levels, following the goal of predicting its patterns and dynamics in space and time.




Student Supervisions