Together for Biodiversity

Immunogenetics, Microbes and Infectious Diseases - IMID



Group Description

The group promotes integrated research activities focusing on microbes and infectious agents that affect domestic animals, wildlife and humans, as a way to improve the conservation of potentially endangered species and public health issues.

We expect to contribute to the knowledge of viruses that are of major concern to wild population management and are also gaining significance in human medicine.

We want study the host-parasite co-evolutionary processes by monitoring changes in the genetic content of populations of a model species, the European rabbit (O. cuniculus), in relation to two epizootics that have decimated wild populations in the recent past (i.e. Myxomatosis and Rabbit Hemorragic Disease (RHD)).

Our research also focus on other pathogenic agents, particularly on ProtothecaMycoplasma, in Canine and Feline ParvovirusCoronavirus, Distemper virus, AdenovirusNorovirus diseases, LagovirusPoxvirus and hepatitis viruses. We also aim the evaluation of the potential zoonotic capacity of these viruses.




Student Supervisions