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Environmental Archaeology - ENVARCH



Group Description

The mission of the Environmental Archaeology (ENVARCH) group is to study interactions between humans and the environment since prehistoric times by adopting a transdisciplinary approach. To that end, it comprises interdisciplinary scientists in archaeobotany (primarily palynology, carpology, charcoal analysis), zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, lithic technology and functional studies, archaeogenetics, and biological anthropology who have been focusing their research in Iberia (Portugal, Spain), Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and South Africa.

The general scientific project of the ENVARCH targets the organization, dynamics [M3] and evolution of the past human societies within their cultural, biological and environmental contexts. This common goal is declined into various themes and projects that focus on an important diachronic scale, from prehistoric times to the present day. It is addressed by combining a number of scientific disciplines dedicated to the study of the past through the analysis of a wide range of archives, such as stone tools, sediments, plant remains, animal and human remains.

This interdisciplinary group, which has Simon Davis as coordinator and João Tereso, as vice-coordinator, includes teams from two different institutions: the DGPC laboratory (Lisbon) and the CIBIO-InBIO (Porto).





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